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The Effect of Conflicts on Rural Business Performance: A Case Study of Ibarapa Region of Oyo State

Developing Country Studies


There are different forms of conflicts that we are experiencing in the country. These conflicts are not peculiar to a particular set of people as it has double edge effects on the society in general. Ethnic conflicts, religion conflicts, trade union strike actions, general demonstration in the society are as a result of unresolved conflicts. Rural communities are not spared from the devastating effects of these conflicts, especially when the conflicts results into killing, loathing of property, obstruction of the flow of traffic from the urban to rural areas, either it takes place in the urban or rural areas. The purpose of this paper is to examine the effects of these forms of conflicts that either occurred in the urban or rural areas on the rural business performance in Ibarapa region of Oyo State in the last ten years. The representative samples used for this study were taken randomly from extractive, manufacturing, construction, commercial services and personal services. The representative samples were equally taken from the three local government areas of the region. From the analysis carried out, all forms of conflicts identified have a kind of effect on the rural business performance. From the conclusion of this study, it becomes instructive to always resolve conflicts earlier be it at national or rural level before it will escalate into conflicts that will leave scar on the soil. Keywords: Conflicts, Rural, Urban, Business Performance

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