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Peyronie’s disease with erectile dysfunction: Penile modeling over inflatable penile prostheses

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DOI: 10.1016/j.urology.2004.10.039
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Abstract Objectives To evaluate, retrospectively, the impact of penile correction by modeling of the penis over an inflatable penile prosthesis and the subsequent improvement in erectile function. Advanced Peyronie’s disease with severe penile curvature and poor quality erections presents a challenge to the urologist. Methods In our series, 46 patients with advanced Peyronie’s disease and associated erectile dysfunction underwent insertion of an inflatable penile prosthesis between 1998 and 2003. Of the 46 patients, 28 (61%) underwent a standard modeling procedure; the other 18 patients (39%) did not need additional modeling, because their curvature was corrected by inflation of the prosthesis alone. Patients were evaluated postoperatively in the clinic, as well as by a postal questionnaire. Results Of the 46 patients, 44 were satisfied with the penile correction and 2 (4.4%) underwent removal of their prosthesis because of infection. These 2 patients underwent revision surgery; subsequently both prostheses had to be removed, one for severe pain and the other for urethral erosion. None of the patients underwent reoperation for additional straightening. Of the 44 patients with intact prostheses, erectile function significantly improved in 41 (93%). Conclusions The results of our study have indicated that patients with severe Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction should be offered the choice of penile modeling over an inflatable penile implant to correct the curvature, as well as improve erectile function.

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