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SoWhat for Windows 1.6

  • Computer Science


SoWhat is an easy-to-learn, menu-driven program that allows for a new interactive approach to simulate dynamic systems. No cumbersome programming is necessary. Dynamic models are more or less entered into the program as they are written on paper. Syntactical errors are immediately recognized and located by the Lexical Scan feature. Endogenous variables are automatically detected, parameter values of the exogenous variables, initial values and simulation options are entered interactively. Simulations can be stopped and continued after a change of parameter values. A Policy Section allows for an interactive definition of logical constructions of system conditions and conditional changes of parameters and system equations. This feature provides a simple device for using the software for policy simulations, class room exercises, and computer based business games. Having read [SoWhat Quick Start] a novice in the theory of dynamical systems should be capable to enter and run, for example, the Solow Growth Model within 5 minutes. The software contains also an extensive help system that can be used for further reference. The software was developed and distributed by Bachmann and Strulik GbR aka Milestones Scientific Software. It is now freely available.

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