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Raw data of continuous VM-ADCP (vessel-mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) profile during POLARSTERN cruise ANT-XII/2

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DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.733532
  • Ant-Xii/2
  • Awi_Phyoce
  • Physical Oceanography @ Awi
  • Polarstern
  • Ps33
  • Ps33/2-Track
  • Underway Cruise Track Measurements


PS33_00488 PS33_00488.txt #DATA_DATES: 1994/12/07 10:06:00 --- to --- 1995/01/01 08:46:00 #LON_RANGE: 35.68 W --- to --- 13.71 E #LAT_RANGE: 75.48 S --- to --- 40.44 S #DEPTH_RANGE: 23 --- to --- 335 m #SAC_CRUISE_ID: 00488 #PLATFORM_NAME: R/V Polarstern #PRINCIPAL_INVESTIGATOR_NAME: A.Wisotzki #PI_INSTITUTION: Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) for Polar and Marine Research #PI_COUNTRY: Germany #PROJECT: Arts and Science #CRUISE_NAME: ANT_XII_2 #PORTS: Puntarenas, Chile to Capetown, South Africa #GEOGRAPHIC_REGION: South Atlantic, Weddel Sea, Antarctica #PROCESSED_BY: AWI #NAVIGATION: GPS #QUALITY_NAV: poor to fair #GENERAL_INFORMATION: CRUISE NOTES CHIEF SCIENTIST ON SHIP : A.Wisotzki INSTITUTE : AWI COUNTRY : Germany SIGNIFICANT DATA GAPS : several gaps ~ 1 day SPECIAL SHIP TRACK PATTERNS : COMMENTS : ADCP INSTRUMENTATION MANUFACTURER : RDI HARDWARE MODEL : Narrowband 150 SERIAL NUMBERS : FIRMWARE VERSION : TRANSMIT FREQUENCY : 153 kHz TRANSDUCER CONFIGURATION : JANUS CONCAVE ACOUSTIC BEAM WIDTH : TRANSDUCER BEAM ANGLE : COMMENTS : ADCP INSTALLATION METHOD/DESCRIPTION OF THE ATTACHMENT TO THE HULL : LOCATION/DEPTH ON HULL : 11 m REPEATABLE ATTACHMENT : DATE OF MOST RECENT ATTACH. : ACOUSTIC WINDOW : COMMENTS : The transducer sits at hull depth (approx. 11 m) in the ship s well without any protection against mechanical damage by ice floes pushed under the ship. When the ship moves through the ice the transducer is protected by a lid consisting of two stainless steel sheets of 8 mm thickness. With the transducer behind the protective lid the ADCP not able to function. ADCP INSTRUMENT CONFIGURATION DEPTH RANGE : 2

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