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Letter from Margaret Lieb to Joshua Lederberg

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  • Ultraviolet Rays


Kerokhoff Lzborctories Alifornia Inetitute of Teohnology i?asndona, Ctif. iiovember 9, 1950 Dear Josh, Thank you very muoh for your letter a.nd the diagram. I have deleted the referenue to your unpublished work from the manuscript; Naturally, being acquainted with Kin’s work, I do no$ believe that nuclear killing is the cause, or even a major oause of cell death. However, as you711 see when you read qy thesis, I have suggested that a good deal of nucle:--r killing is present after fairly high doses of U.V. in order to account for the presence of “zero-point” mutations in aells which * believe to be multinucleate. I am enalosing a aopy of mg thesis, and will weluome your comments. Sincerely,

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