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Triiodothyronine enhances renal response to aldosterone in the rabbit collecting tubule.

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Since thyroid hormones and mineralocorticoids were observed to stimulate kidney Na-K-ATPase in similar sites and with similar time courses, this study was initiated to evaluate whether aldosterone is involved in the stimulation of Na-K-ATPase observed in collecting tubules 3 h after triiodothyronine (T3) administration to thyroidectomized (TX) rabbits. Results indicate that: Plasma aldosterone level decreased markedly in TX rabbits but was not restored 3 h after T3 injection; Early stimulation of Na-K-ATPase by T3 was abolished when plasma aldosterone level was suppressed by adrenalectomy or when aldosterone effects were blocked by spironolactone; Administration of aldosterone to TX rabbits mimicked the action of T3; Sensitivity of Na-K-ATPase to aldosterone markedly decreased after thyroidectomy. These results demonstrate an interaction between aldosterone and T3 in the control of Na-K-ATPase in the collecting tubule. Triiodothyronine enhances the sensitivity of Na-K-ATPase to aldosterone which, in turn, produces a stimulatory action despite the decreased plasma level observed during hypothyroidism.

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