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Effects of irrigation canals on stream ecosystems in a tropical dry forest region of Costa Rica

University of Florida
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  • Canals -- Costa -- Intermittent -- Macroinvertebrates -- Patch -- Rica -- Riparian -- Streams -- Tro


UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA THESIS OR DISSERTATION FORMATTING TEMPLATE 1 EFFECTS OF IRRIGATION CANALS ON STREAM ECOSYSTEMS IN A TROPICAL DRY FOREST REGION OF COSTA RICA By SUZANNE M. MOELLENDORF A DISSERTATION PRESENTED TO THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA 2009 2 © 2009 Suzanne M. Moellendorf 3 To my loving parents, Guy and Natalie, and my Costa Rican parents, Mayela and Silvano 4 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I deeply thank my advisor, Dr. Thomas Crisman, whose wisdom, mentoring, creative thinking, and strong vision made my graduate work possible and greatly aided my growth as a scientist. From his office in the states to streambanks in Costa Rica, he offered tremendous time and energy into developing the ideas, cultivating the relationships, and providing the resources essential to the creation and ultimate success of this research project. I thank Dr. Jorge Arturo Jimenez for suggesting a research project associated with the canals, helping develop my research questions, facilitating the unbelievable support I received in the field from the Organization of Tropical Studies, and serving on my committee. I thank Dr. William Wise for his endless support and humor, advice with project development in Gainesville and Costa Rica, and helpful comments as a member of my committee. I thank Dr. Joann Mossa for her constant encouragement, fantastic insights, and participation on my committee. I am extremely thankful for the financial support provided by: the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship, International Research Experience for Graduate Students Award provided jointly by the Orga

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