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Ralph Lowenstein

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INTERVIEWEE: Ralph Lowenstein 1 INTERVIEWEE: Ralph Lowenstein INTERVIEWER: William McKeen February 3, 1992 UF188 M: [Today is] February 3, 1992, and we are in the office of Ralph Lowenstein, who is the dean of the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. The office overlooks the main entrance to this wonderful building, and we are watching students come in. It is about 8:30. For the record, would you tell us your complete name? L: Ralph Lynn Lowenstein. My parents had had two boys two years apart, and I was supposed to be a girl, so they had a girl's name all picked out--Rosa Louise. I was supposed to be named for my grandmother who had died the year before. I was probably one of the few babies who had a telegram, "Better luck next time." [laughter] That started off life. M: How many brothers and sisters do you have? L: I have two older brothers and no sisters. I am the youngest. [I have] a brother who is four years older [WHAT IS HIS NAME ?] and a brother two years older [WHAT IS HIS NAME ?] M: Did anyone else in the family go into journalism or any aspect of communication? L: My brother writes all the time. [WHICH ONE ?] He is chief of nuclear medicine at San Francisco Presbyterian Hospital. He was a nuclear physicist and worked on the atomic bomb, and he worked at Los Alamos. Then he went into nuclear medicine; he was one of the pioneers in nuclear medicine. That was my older brother. The next brother was in the furniture business in Richmond, Virginia, and retired a couple of years ago. He is taking writing courses and writes pretty well, actually. M: You call Danville, Virginia, your home. Is that where you were born? L: I was born in Danville, Virginia, on March 8, 1930. My mother was born in Danville, Virginia, October 31, 1898. She died there at the age of eighty-eight. M: Were you born at home? 2 L: No, I was born in a hospital, but

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