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Route and circuit generation in a graph with „XGD&C”

  • Mathematics


The great number of relations that arise in production process, in exchange and many other activities, set us the task of analyzing and studying the characteristics of the relations between partners, phenomena, processes or activities with a view to rendering the activity efficient. Modeling these relations leads to graph notion and automatically to studying and analyzing the fundamental elements in the graph: type, routes, circuits, the route and circuit length, etc. that eventually lead to the optimization problems. The analysis of graph characteristics, the working-out of binary matrices of routes existence of length k, of matrices with the number of routes of k length and the effective construction of routes and circuits is an arduous activity, which often presents theory from being into practice. The XGD&C application (Route and Circuit Generation) is an information product, realized in Management System of Relational Data Base (MSRDB) FoxPro 2.6, that enables the generation of fundamental matrices used in the graph theory, interactive visualization of results in a Data Base (DB) with a view to analyzing their characteristics. The calculations, which make a large part of the problems specific to the graph theory be put into practice more easily, are performed automatically by XGD&C.

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