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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Carl H. Oppenheimer

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Ileo. 13, 1947. Dear Mr. Oppenheimer, In response to your letter of the lOth, 1: am sorry to have to tell you that I have not kept any of the prototrophio cholera- suls strains. Aosordl~ to my records, however, these were strains # 424 (Kunesndarf), #3366 (Kunaendorf!, I received from E.K. Borman of the Connectlout State Publ$~ Health Laboratory, Hartford, COIUl., and two other strains received from Yale Univ. ooLlections which I could not more closely speuify now. Is it essential that you use cholerite suis? Fractie~~!-Ly every strain of typhlmurium will grow very nloely on minim& media. '&e mediuril used, b> the stay, is the some one described in ray paper in J. Pact . , an genetic recombination, of which I believe you have been seht a reprint. I shot.&3 be interested to hesr of your plans anti progress with Salmonella, 'vYe are setting up :?lans here also to study the inheritance of antigens in that group. Yours simerely 3 Jo shw L8dfS’ber~ Assistant Professor

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