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Las Adopciones Internacionales como “hecho social total”

Perifèria: revista de recerca i formació en antropologia


International adoptions constitute one of the various forms of children’s ascription which are part, along with the ideas, norms and uses regarding the procreative process, the care of the children until they reach social maturity, the representations that assemble these processes and the relations that they generate, of each one of the ethnographic models of kinship. At the same time each case constitutes a distinct process that individually analyzed, should take on account at least three aspects: the socio-demographic characteristics that affect childhood in the country of origin, the processes that allow to declare a child “adoptable” and the representations regarding international adoption in the country of origin that relate to the traditional patterns of circulation of minors. What appears in this text is a proposal on the elements that each ethnographic case study should consider when trying to explain the totality of the process and the way that international adoption studies should be regarded.

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