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Therapy of Parkinson's Disease

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606 BOOK REVIEWS Undoubtedly it would be helpful to have the book at hand, but the information presented here is also available in books on most doctors' shelves. I am glad I read it, but I don't think I would be tempted to buy it for my own library. PHILIP K. BONDY Department ofInternal Medicine Yale University School ofMedicine THERAPY OF PARKINSON'S DISEASE. Edited by William C. Koller and George Paulson. New York, Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1990. 583 pp. $125.00. Therapy of Parkinson's Disease represents volume five in a series written on neurologic disease and therapy. It focuses on the therapeutic approaches to Parkinson's disease (the second in this series dealing with that disorder). In addition to treatment issues, other areas are covered, including clinical evaluation, imaging, pathophysiol- ogy, neurochemical systems, and behavioral aspects. A clear strength of this text is that it covers a range of very specific treatment approaches in depth, which in sum provide a broad review of the clinical and research aspects of Parkinson's disease therapeutics. The volume is divided into five parts, composed of chapters on specific topics. Part 1 is devoted to the assessment and measurement of symptoms and signs and provides a review of clinical assessment via rating scales, videotape analysis, measures of motor disability, neurochemical evaluations, and various neuroimaging techniques. Part 2, an extensive review of pharmacological interventions, addresses traditional agents, novel agents, various routes of administration, preventive therapy, and treatment of second- ary disorders. Part 3 discusses surgical interventions such as stereotaxic thalamotomies and neurotransplantation. Part 4 is concerned with the dietary issues related to Parkinson's disease treatment, and part 5 addresses the behavioral and psychiatric issues, along with physical therapy issues, in Parkinson's disease. As indicated, each chapter provides a condensed, in-depth account of a highly specific topic and cites numerous r

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