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Development and application of novel NMR techniques for the study of lignin

McGill University
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Quantitative 31P NMR Spectroscopy was also used to derive the fundamental thermodynamic parameters that are involved in the stereoselective degradation of the two diastereomeric forms of the most abundant structural (arylglycerol-beta-aryl ether) units of lignin under kraft pulping conditions. It was shown that the erythro isomers of the arylglycerol-beta-aryl ether units in softwood milled wood lignin cleave faster than their threo counterparts. The general stability of the threo diastereomers toward kraft pulping seems to be the manifestation of a considerably slower reaction of the pulping reagents with the threo diastereomers of arylglycerol-beta-aryl ethers. Quantitative 31P NMR Was also used for the identification and quantification of accumulated condensed diphenyimethane (DPW moieties during conventional kraft, extended modified continuous cooking (EMCCRTM) and soda pulping processes.

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