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Promise and reality of augmented reality in schools: developing and evaluating educational use cases

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Scratch and ScratchR In order to evaluate Spinnstube as a learning platform, three educational applications were developed and evaluated between 2006 and 2008, each reflecting the evolving technological capabilities of the system and addressing different pedagogical approaches. 2006 2007 2008 The applications have been evaluated with 13 to 15 year old students in summer school projects in Malta (2006), Romania (2007), Lithuania (2008) and Germany (2008). In addition to the paedagogical and usability evaluation for all three applications, the third summer school also involved a social interaction evaluation with synchronised video observation in both locations to better understand how the system supports remote collaboration between students. Evaluation results indicate a high acceptance rate amongst students. The main advantages are seen in the 3D visualisation, haptic user interface, and support for remote collaboration, which overall led to increased motivation, better concentration, and faster and more accurate understanding of the learning content. Balancing these positive results were technical and usability issues that had a negative impact on the learning process. Interactive Technologies Research Group ARiSE Project - Augmented Reality in School Environments Sponsored by the the European Union’s Sixth Framework Programme, IST, Proposal/Contract No: 027039 National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics Bucharest, Romania Juventos Mokykla Juventa Basic School The ARiSE project leverages the affordances of tabletop augmented reality to develop new practices in the classroom, helping learners to explore scientific and cultural content in more engaging and effective ways. The project consortium has developed the rugged and affordable augmented reality display Spinnstube™ based on off-the-shelf hardware and open-source software. As a networked augmented reality

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