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Exchange of young workers programme: Commission report. Information Memo P-36/82, June 1982

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TALSMAIDENS GRIJPPE - SPRECHERGRUFPE - SI)oKESIMAT{'S GROI.P - GFOLPE UJ POHTE-MROLE OMAM EKflPOEQTIO/ TYnOr - GRTFPO D€L PORTA\OCE - A.REAU VAN DE IIOORE ,OEFOER ii';ililf,',lll;,11',',ffllllllTllillllllll',Il1;ll'fillll'JllLT,flffiHHHffiV- tsrussels, June'1982 EXCHANGE OF YOUNG t^joRKERS PROGRAMME: COMMISSION REPORT(1) FoLLowing a proposaL by Mr lvor Richard, the Commission approved the Councit report on the progress since its imptementation in mid-JuLy 1979 of the second joint programme to encourage the exchange of young workers in the Community. The second programme h,as intended to offer workers of 18-28 years of age, nationats of Member States, the opportunity through short exchanges (3 weeks to 3 months) and /or Long exchanges (4 months to 16 months) of expanding their vocationaL training and cuLtura[, Linguistic and human experience in a Member State other than their countny of residence. The programme was jnitiated in and has so far been developed during the period of economic recession and high unempLoyment particutarLy affecting young peopLe, which exp[a'ins whi it is not aLways easy to convince emp[oyers to accept young workers or to find empLoyers abLe to offer young peopLe working experience or an opportunity for suppLementary training combined with cuLturaI and sociaI possibiIities. It is aIso cLear that at the outset young peopLe may be reLuctant to part'icipate if to do so meant giving up a job and running the risk of unemp[oyment on compLetion of an exchange. NevertheLess, in paraLIeI with measures to promote empLoyment, exchanges have expanded and are approachjng one thousand trainees each year, the Limit 'imposed by budgetary restrictions. Exchangescover increasingLy diverse sectors: agricutture, import-export, tourism - hoteL trade, banking, hospitaLs, adminiitration and services and to a Lesser extent manufacturing and processing industries (see Annex). Between JuLy 1979 and the end of 1981, about 1 700 young workers have had an opportun'ity to participate in cuLtura

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