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Assessment of an old stratotype: the Frasnian/Famennian boundary at Senzeilles, Southern Belgium

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  • Famennian
  • Frasnian
  • Acritarchs
  • Chitinozoa
  • Conodonta
  • Belgium
  • Cerfontaine


At Senzeilles, southern Belgium, the base of the Famennian as originally proposed by GOSSELET (1877-1880) corresponds best to that of the first bed of the Early Palmatolepis triangularis Zone. Conodonts from the latter are equated with those of the basal Famennian bed of the Frasnian-Famennian boundary stratotype at Coumiac, southern France (KLAPPER et al., 1993). Eight taxa of the genus Palmatolepis are described; two new forms are distinguished in Pa. triangularis, and two others in Pa. protorhomboidea. Pa. linguiformis, a species confined to its eponymous biozone at the top of the Frasnian, is found for the first time in the Matagne Member at the Neuville section, in the vicinity of Senzeilles. Among the palynomorphs at Senzeilles, the most characteristic change is the appearance of Visbysphaera? occultata slightly below the "historical" Frasnian/Famennian boundary, introduced by SARTENAER (1983), located less than 1 m below GOSSELET's boundary, and based on the renewal of the macrofauna.

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