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Measuring regional innovativeness: a methodological discussion and an application to one German industry

Universität Jena und Max-Planck-Institut für Ökonomik Jena
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  • R11
  • R15
  • O31
  • Regional Innovation Performance
  • Regional Innovativeness
  • Non-Parametric Performance Analysis
  • Measurement Of Regional Innovativeness
  • Innovation
  • Region
  • Messung
  • Elektroindustrie
  • Theorie
  • Deutschland


The regional or national innovation performance has been repeatedly measured in the literature; but it has so far not been discussed what this means, especially in relation to a region. What is the contribution of a region to innovation output? The usual approaches implicitly assume that higher innovation outputs per inhabitant, employee, or R&D employee can be assigned to a region. We argue that more insights are gained if we distinguish between various mechanisms that influence the innovation activities in a region. Different analyses need to be conducted, using different variables and including different local factors. Furthermore, we see no justification for using a linear dependence of innovation activity on the number of inhabitants or employees as a benchmark for performance. We use a method that takes into account these arguments and apply it to the Electrics & Electronics industry in Germany.

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