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Novel NIR Spectroscopy Correlation Approach to Amino Acid Analysis of Soybean Proteins for Composition Improvements

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Amino acid NIR calibrations were developed in our Physical Chemistry of Foods Laboratory of the University of Illinois at Urbana for three selected amino acid groups that include essential amino acids for identified soybean accessions. Conventional “wet chemistry” analytical methods are time-consuming and costly. As a result, soybean breeders and researchers have an imperative need to utilize faster and less expensive methods. NIR Spectroscopy is a rapid and inexpensive method for composition analysis for academia and industry. Recent advancements in instrumentation design, such as the application of the Diode Array (DA) technique and the Fourier Transform (FT) IR and NIR techniques, have significantly improved overall instrument performance and advancement in the field of grain analysis. Novel results are presented for amino acid calibrations for US soybean accessions relevant to the food and agricultural industry.

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