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Neurology in the United Kingdom. II: A study of current neurological services for adults.

Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry
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Health care planning relies on accurate data, yet there are few published data on neurological services in the United Kingdom. This paper describes the number and distribution of consultant neurologists in the UK and is based on a questionnaire completed by Regional Health Authorities and their equivalents, by Special Health Authorities, and by regional representatives of the Association of British Neurologists. The data were published by the ABN in 1988 but have not previously been widely available. The study identified 190 consultant neurologists (152 whole time equivalents). Overall there was one whole time neurologist for 373,000 persons but the ratio varied by a factor of four in different regions. There was a wide variation in the distribution of consultant neurological sessions between Health Districts. One group of neurologists was based in centres. A second group spent most of their time within the Health District, but had an attachment to a Regional Centre.

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