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Psychopathology and Education of the Brain-Injured Child

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BOOK REVIEWS PSYCHOPATHOLOGY AND EDUCATION OF THE BRAIN-INJURED CHILD. By Alfred A. Strauss and Laura E. Lehtinen. Grune & Stratton, New York, 1947. xii + 203 pp. $5. This book can be read with interest by physicians, psychologists, and educa- tors. It is not a comprehensive treatise on brain injuries occurring in children nor is it intended to be. It deals rather with "the particular mental make-up of brain- injured children and the resulting need for special educational techniques." The work is divided into two sections. The first deals with the psycho- pathology of the brain-injured child. It includes a brief historical review and preliminary remarks on the anatomy and function of certain aspects of the central nervous system germane to the problem. It discusses in detail the techniques employed and results obtained from studies designed to depict the handicaps of the brain-injured child, and to differentiate these handicaps from those seen in other types of mental retardation. The second section deals with methods of teaching employed to overcome and compensate for these handicaps. All will not agree with the authors' concepts of brain injury. At times too great an emphasis appears to be placed upon the history of a difficult delivery. However, all should agree that this is a stimulating and thought-provoking piece of work in a field which has often been considered hopeless. -D. L. DUNPHY MEDICAL ADDENDA: Related Essays on Medicine and the Changing Order. The Commonwealth Fund, New York, 1947. xviii + 156 pp. $1.75. Medical Addenda is a small book rich in content published as a study of the New York Academy of Medicine Committee on Medicine and the Changing Order. The first spirited essay is entitled "The Doctor Himself" by Dr. James Alexander Miller. The late Dr. Louis Hamman in his lucid manner of presenta- tion deals with the topic of "Psychosomatic Medicine" in an excellent article. Winifred Arrington, Mary Antoinette Cannon, and Harriett M. Bartlett write on "Medical Social Work

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