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Changes in Enzyme Regulation during Growth of Maize: II. Relationships among Multiple Molecular Forms of Homoserine Dehydrogenase 1

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The relative contribution of each of several forms of homoserine dehydrogenase (EC to the total enzyme population in etiolated shoots and in roots of Zea mays L. var. earliking was examined by the use of gel filtration chromatography and disc gel electrophoresis. In enzyme preparations derived from shoots of seedlings grown for 72, 120, or 168 hours, two molecular forms, II and III, which have the same apparent molecular weight but differ in net charge, contributed 75 to 80% of the total enzyme activity. A lower molecular weight species, form I, contributed 20 to 25% of the activity from 72-hour shoots, but was found to decrease concomitantly with a proportional increase in activity contributed by aggregated enzyme form(s) during shoot development. Form I contributed a comparatively larger fraction of the total enzyme activity in preparations of roots of 72-hour seedlings.

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