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Daichō gan kyokusho shinjun to kanshitsu hannō matorikkusu metaro purotināze (MMP) nitsuite

  • ヒト大腸癌
  • Cd44
  • Matrix Matalloproteinase
  • 局所浸潤
  • 炎症細胞
  • Biology


The process of invasion and metastasis of carcinoma is compex and require a series of sequential steps. First step is the degradation of the extracellular matrix to allow the spreading of the carcinoma cells. We consider that a correlation between carcinoma cell and extracellular matrix is very important for this step. the maetalloproteinase play a major role in this step. Recently, MMP-2 and MMP-9/type IV collagenases/gelatinases are remarkable for carcinoma invasion and matastasis. We summerize the matrix metalloprotenase family and report our studies.

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