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BONE Risk of death persists for years after hip fracture

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COMMENTARY LUP Lund University Publications Institutional Repository of Lund University This is an author produced version of a paper published in Nature Reviews Rheumatology. This paper has been peer-reviewed but does not include the final publisher proof-corrections or journal pagination. Citation for the published paper: Kristina Åkesson, Anthony D. Woolf "BONE Risk of death persists for years after hip fracture" Nature Reviews Rheumatology 2010 6, 557 - 558 Access to the published version may require journal subscription. Published with permission from: Nature Publishing Group 1(3) RISK OF DEATH PERSISTS FOR YEARS AFTER HIP FRACTURE Kristina Åkesson and Anthony D. Woolf This meta-analysis, including >500 000 patients with hip fracture, shows substantially increased mortality during the first three months and a remaining excess mortality for up to 10 years in both men and women. The study highlights the need to improve fracture management through systematic approaches that will also reduce mortality. Hip fracture is generally considered to be the most devastating outcome of osteoporosis. In 1990, 1.66 million hip fractures were reported worldwide,a number that is predicted to rise to 6.3 million by 2050.1 Low-trauma hip fractures occur mainly in elderly patients at a mean age of 80. The burden of hip fracture management on both the individual and society is substantial, and is estimated to cost US$21,000 in the first year alone.2 This expenditure includes direct fracture treatment costs and social costs owing to functional impairment and increased morbidity. Hip fractures are associated with a high mortality, particularly during the immediate post-fracture years, and is dependent on both the pre-fracture health status of the patient and the post-fracture medical consequences such as infections, cardiovascular events and tromboembolism. To elu

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