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Amendments to the proposal for a seventh VAT directive - special taxation scheme proposed for used goods, works of art, antiques and collectors items. Information Memo P-59/79, May 1979

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KOMMISSIONEN FOR DE COMMISSION OF THE COMMISSIONE DELLE EU ROP/6EISK E FIE LLESSK A BERS - KOMMISSION DER EU ROPAISC HEN G EMEINSCH AFTEN - EUROPEAN.COMMUNITIES - COMMISSION DES COMMUNAUTES EUROPEENNES _ COMUNITA EUROPEE _ COMMISSIE VAN DE EUROPESE GEMEENSCHAPPEN TALSMANDENS GRUPPE 5P R E C H E R G R U P P E SPOKESMAN'S GROUP GROUPE DU PORTE_PAROLE GRUPPO DEL PORTAVOCE BUFFAU VA\ DF WOORDVOFRDFR ixt3tililffi&,ffi il0TE 0'll'lF0RMATI0l{ il0TA 0'lt{F0RMAZl01{E TER ll(|CUME1'lTlEl1'lF0RMATl01{ MEM0 BrusseLsn MaY 1979 AMENDMENTS To THE PRoPoSAL FoR A SEVENTH \/4I-!f3$cTIVE - SPECIAL ANT IOUES Rtrto coLurcT0RS I ITEMS* The commission, on the initiative of Mr Burke, has presented to the CounciL a number of amendments to its proposaL for a Seventh VAT Directive reLatinq to the taxation of used goods, works of art, a\tiques-and coLLectorsl ;;;;;.1= in..l amendments are in response to ParLiamentrs opinion deLivered on 12 March 1979, and were made after wide-ranging consuLtations with the trade associations concerned. They do not aLter the fundamentaL options made by the commission in its initiaL proposat, designed to introduce a speciai scheme for determining, in respect of transactions in the goods in question, the taxable amount for vAT purposes so as to avoid any doubLe taxation. ALongside the f[at-rate scheme, under which tax is charged at 3o% of the seLLing price, p.ouision is madi for a scheme involving taxation of the difference between the seLLing price and the purchase price. Any taxabLe person who resetls useO goods (other than those referred to in Article 4 of the proposat), works of art, antiques or coLLectorsr items must opt for one of these two ichemes'for a tax period equaL to not less than one year' though he may of course stiLL eLect to be taxed under the normaL scheme' Some changes of detai[ have aLso been made with regard to the right to deduct'input tax, basicaL[y so as to adapt the provisions initiaLLy proposed to the new taxation scheme. * cottt7ilz+

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