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Patient Benefit and Basic Sciences, How They Should be Integrated?!

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Microsoft Word - 8 Vol6, Suppl., Winter 2013 Review Article Breast Cancer Biomarker Discovery: Proteomics and Genomics Approaches Akram Safaei1, Mostafa Rezaei‐Tavirani1, Sara Sobhi2, Mohammad Esmaeil Akbari2 Abstract Breast cancer is one of the major health problems of the Eastern world. Regardless of the survival rate improvement with progression in screening and adjuvant systemic therapies, still one – third of the patients with primary breast cancer have recurrence of micro metastasis after 10 years. It is important to discover a reliable biomarker for detection of breast cancer. The underlying molecular mechanism of the disease needs to be better understood. Allied to genomics, proteomics technologies promise to be valuable for identifying new markers that improve screening, early diagnosis, prognosis and prediction of therapeutic response or toxicity, as well as the identification of new therapeutic targets. In this review, we present proteomic and genomic sciences have been used for differential analysis of breast cancer to find molecular changes of cancer for detection candidate biomarkers. Keywords: Breast cancer; Biological Markers; Proteomics; Genomics Please cite this article as: Safaei A, Rezaei-Tavirani M, Sobhi S, Akbari MA. Breast Cancer Biomarker Discovery: Proteomics and Genomics Approaches. Iran J Cancer Prev. 2013; 6(Suppl.):45-53. Introduction Breast Cancer (BC) is a heterogeneous group of different tumor subtypes that vary in prognosis and response to therapy [1]. At present, the best available tool for the early detection of breast cancer is mammography. This imaging is the most effective approach for diagnosing BC in women older than 50 years of age. Although new improvements are being made in the resolution of these imaging techniques, tumors smaller than 5 mm usually go undiagnosed. Moreover, as dense breast tissue decreases the mammographic sensitivity in young women, the effectiveness of mammography has

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