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Bilayer graphene nanoribbon carrier statistics in the degenerate regime

American Scientific Publishers
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  • Tk Electrical Engineering. Electronics Nuclear Engineering


Bilayer Graphene Nanoribbon (BGN) Carrier statistic in the non-degenerate and the degenerate limit is presented. Two dimensional BGN through AB configuration with width less than De-Broglie wave length can be understood as a one dimensional (1D) device. Based on the 1D behavior offered model illustrates exponential function of normalized Fermi energy which explains carrier concentration on low carrier regime. However on zero to 3kBT distance from and within conduction or valence bands high concentration of carriers sensitively depends on normalized Fermi energy which is independent of temperature as well. Since a BGN field effect transistor (BGNFET) can be shaped by using graphene bilayers with an external controllable voltage which is perpendicular to the layers in gates.

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