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Death, in a manner of speaking: a reading of "Six feet under"

Universidad Complutense
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"Six Feet Under" (2000-2005) is a popular television show created by Alan Ball about the funeral industry in the United States. The purpose of this study is to propose a close reading of some of its main subjects, such as death and the contemporary funeral industry, but also life, transformation, nation and identity. By placing death and the dead at the center of the camera, Ball is confronting American Society with its own frailties and fears while, at the same time, criticizing the American nation for not being able to deal with its own problems. Despite the Fisher Funeral Home being a business, it is different from other larger corporations. This house is a place for redemption, for the celebration of multicultural diversity, life and, above all, a place where the living can properly mourn their dead, find some spiritual healing and move on with their lives. In "Six Feet Under", Ball shows no specific solution, but offers some alternatives for dealing with these issues by questioning the personal as well as the national identity.

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