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Memorandum from Edwin C. Whitehead to Joshua Lederberg

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MEMORANDUM October 10, 1980 To: Files From: E.C. Whitehead On Thursday, October 9th, I met with David Baltimore from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. We primarily discussed the possible arrangements with MIT. He told me that there were a number of sites available on the campus that he felt would be suitable for a building such as we proposed. He further felt that we would be very welcome on the campus. He was very concerned that the Whitehead Institute might disturb the salary structure of MIT. I told him that I was philosophically opposed to "buying" staff. I feel there is a real stigma to the institutions that pay extraordinary salaries in order to attract staff and I would be generally opposed to paying our scientists more than comprable people would be receiving at MIT. David agreed with this and seemed somewhat relieved by my comment. He was under the impression that our building required about 120,000 square feet. Somewhere in my mind, I had the feeling that we had talked about 200,000 square feet. Doing some arithmetic, I believe we had decided that at full operating capacity, the Institute would employ some 200 "bodies" . A generous estimate of space required for 200 people would be 250 square feet of space per person or 50,000 square feet total. This is obviously a great discrepancy. Since it is fundamental, we had better put some plans in motion to resolve our space requirement needs. I was very pleased to note during our discussion that David appears to have fully identified with the Institute in every way and appears to be looking forward to the opportunity. I personally find this gratifying and pleasing, as I like him enormously and I am convinced that he will do a good job. ECW/mlt DISTRIBUTION Dr. D. Baltimore Mr. J. Whitehead A. Brill, Esq. Dr. J Mr. P. Whitehead J. Lederberg Ms. S. Whitehead Sir G. Nossal S. Peerce, Esq. Mr. M. Segal Dr. L. Skeggs Dr. J. Sokol Dr. L. Thomas

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