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Photo-elastic properties of crystals: some new results

International Union of Crystallography
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Los Rayos X y la Estructura fina de los Cristales. Fundamentos teoricos y metodos practicos by J. Garrido and J. Orland 48 BOOK REVIE1 ,VS is very good, but it is i r r i tat ing to have to search in the text for the re levant data which are actual ly d is t r ibuted over five dif ferent pages. A very full table of contents is given, but the mixture of small and capital letters, italic letters and two k inds of numbers is both confus ing and inelegant. But even a detai led table of contents does not make up for the lack of an index. I t is]figh t ime that in this respect the writers of scientif ic books in F rench fol lowed the pract ice of their colleagxms who write in other languages. Since so high a propor t ion of the book is devoted to crysta l lographic methods and appl icat ions it is not, perhaps, unfair to judge it ma in ly from this po int of view. I t is a l ittle difficult to envisage the group of readers for which the book is in tended. The addi t ion of exercises at the end seems to show that it is in tended as a manua l for the s tudent and the research worker. But the vast field covered in the text makes it impossible for the author to give a suff iciently detai led discussion on any topic for this to be of much use to the s tudent . The exercises themselves are ra ther curious. Those on the use of the stereographie pro ject ion for the in terpretat ion of fibre photographs are good, but those on powder photographs are inadequate for this very important, method . The exercise on the use of the rotat ing-crysta l method covers only the determinat ion of the repeat d istance along the axis of rotat ion, and there is no exercise on the method of indexing an osci l lation photograph . On the other han(t, if we disregard the exercises, we c()uld consider that the book is in tended as a general survey from which a worker in one par t of this field could gain a wider knowl

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