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Initial Report on First Stage of Action Research into Student Classroom Motivation

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Microsoft Word - 4309 Kevin J. Axton.docx VISIO №43 95-102.2013 95 Initial Report on First Stage of Action Research into Student Classroom Motivation Kevin J. Axton Introduction This paper is the result of the preliminary stages of an action research into enhancing students’ motivation at the university level within the English department. The main focus of this research are students who are regarded to be average or below average at the academic level, and may be considered to have low motivation in learning English skills based on their placement scores and previous teachers’ assessments. There have been numerous studies regarding motivation, both regarding motivational teaching tools and strategies, as well as students’ own learning strategies and preferences. Motivational factors will briefly be discussed during the analyzation of materials; however this paper will not discuss or define those at length. This report is merely a presentation of initial findings from data collection regarding the possibility of enhancing student motivation within the classroom. The data in this report is taken from personal observations of class tasks and activities, and also some observations on student participation during classes. Also, I conducted an interview of one student who decided to study abroad independently in order to improve his L2 learning. The material will be presented along with some preliminary analysis of this data, and then and brief summary and suggestions for further study based on reflections of the material. 1. Research Method 1.1 Justification At Kyushu Lutheran College (KLC), as at several other colleges in Japan, there are students who decide to improve their English skills by choosing to go abroad for an intensive or immersed second language (L2) education. However, several of these students at KLC are/were not considered to be ‘advanced’ in their L2 develo

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