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Sensory impairment in hip-fracture patients 65 years or older and effects of hearing/vision interventions on fall frequency

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  • Journal Of Multidisciplinary Healthcare


Else V Grue1, Marit Kirkevold2, Petter Mowinchel3, Anette H Ranhoff41Diakonhjemmet University College, Department of Research and Development, Oslo, Norway; 2University of Oslo, Department of Medisin, Institute of Nursing Sciences and Health Profession, Oslo, Norway; 3Department of Paediatrics, Woman-child division, Ullevål University Hospital Oslo, Norway; 4Diakonhjemmet Hospital, Geriatric Unit, Oslo, NorwayAim: Examine the effect of nursing interventions to improve vision and hearing, systematic assessment, and referral to sensory specialists on falling.Methods: Controlled intervention trial targeting hip fracture patients, 65 years and older, living at home and having problems seeing/reading regular print (VI) or hearing normal speech (HI). Intervention group = 200, control group = 131. The InterRAI-AcuteCare (RAI-AC) and the Combined-Serious-Sensory-Impairment interview guide (KAS-Screen) were used. Follow-up telephone calls were done every third month for one year.Results: Mean age was 84.2 years, 79.8% were female, and 76.7% lived alone. HI was detected in 80.7% and VI in 59.8%. Falling was more frequent among the intervention group (P = 0.003) and they also more often moved to a nursing home (P < 0.001) and were dependent walking up stairs (P = 0.003).Conclusions: This study could not document the effect of intervention on falling, possibly because of different base line characteristics (more females, P = 0.018, and more living alone P = 0.011 in the intervention group), differences in nursing care between subjects, and different risk factors. Interventions to improve sensory function remain important in rehabilitation, but have to be studied further.Keywords: vision, hearing, hip fracture, falls, intervention, hospital

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