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Problematika intimity pacientů při předoperační přípravě a překladu na operační sál na ortopedickém oddělení.

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  • Intimita
  • Předoperační Příprava
  • Práva Pacientů
  • Role Sestry
  • Komunikace
  • Intimacy
  • Preoperating Preparation
  • Patiens´Rights
  • Nurses´Role
  • Communication
  • Communication
  • Medicine


The bachelor thesis is specialized in the intimacy of the patients during pre-operative preparations and movement to the operating theatre in the orthopedic department. The thesis is also specialized in the nurses?s behavior which these activities are doing. The intimacy is still discussed topic. It is the conflict of the right of patient to privacy and the effort of medical staff members to the best pre-operative preparations and subsequent movement on the operating theatre. In spite of the big efforts of medical staff members there are the situations which cause the shyness and the shame of patients. The main reason is time pressure which is exerts on the medical staff members. The disruption of the intimacy can be caused by the wrong communication between the nurse and the patient but also between the staff themselves. Every patient is individuality and therefore there is not possible to set one standard working procedure which solves this situation. The main objective of this thesis was to find out how the intimacy of patients during pre-operative preparation is secured and to study possibilities of the ensuring intimacy during movement to the operating theatre. The next objective was to find out during which activities (performances) during pre-operative preparations the intimacy used to be frequently devastated. The data were obtained within qualitative research from two non-standard interviews. One type of interview was done with seven randomly chosen patients of the orthopedic department. The second one was done with seven nurses working in the medical facility. One of the nurses is working in the operating theatre. The nurses from the inpatient ward were asked if they respect the patient´s intimacy consistently than the nurses in the operating theatre. They were also asked if there is difference in observance of patient´s intimacy during pre-operative preparations in the scheduled operating performance and urgent performance. The objectives of the bachelor thesis were fulfilled. During interviews there was found out that the disruption of the intimacy was most often realized during movement to the operating theatre. The identified results will be provided to the management of the medical facility to create the standard for the securing of the patients intimacy on the operating theatre.

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