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Laços na diversidade : a Europa social e o welfare em movimento (1992-2004)

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  • Bem-Estar Social
  • União Europeia
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Abstract study of the reforms and recent changes (1992-2002) in the scope of European Union (EU) and of their countries as well. Starting of two basic concerns - with the subject of the social protection and the joint of this with the Union itself - it is associated with the debate on the diversity persistence throughout of the different national spaces, against the argument of standardization and trends externally defined by pure criteria of economic efficiency. The work intends to constitute a dynamic analysis model that allows understanding the changes, to perceive the persistence and to show the dynamism of the welfare as factor of adjustment and preservation of the equity. At the same time, it refuses of the thesis of the incapacity, sclerosis or rupture of welfare state, showing the countries movements and how the changes can to strengthen and to renew the rchitecture of welfare of the whole Europe. Its content incorporates an analysis of the historical trajectory, of the social policies and of the economic and monetary union in the EU, it accompany welfare in its variants, considers the subject of the reforms, analyzes the moments of the 90 decade for the policies, the reforms set in eight countries and, finally, as the relation between the national and community dimensions it contributes for a "social European model" renewed dynamics and of the unit in the present diversity in the EU

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