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Higher education : tuition fees and the funding gap

Scottish Parliament
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SPICe Briefing The Scottish Parliament and Scottish Parliament Infor mation C entre l ogos . SPICe Briefing Higher Education: Tuition fees and the ‘funding gap’ 22 December 2011 11/89 Kate Berry and Nicki Georghiou This briefing provides information on the current and futurearrangements for tuition fees in Scotland and the rest of the UK, as well as a discussion of the „funding gap‟ debate which followed the introduction of higher variable tuition fees in England. 2 CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 INTRODUCTION 5 TUITION FEES 5 BACKGROUND 5 CURRENT FEE ARRANGEMENTS ACROSS THE UK 6 Scotland 6 England 6 Wales 7 Northern Ireland 7 PROPOSED CHANGES TO HE FUNDING IN ENGLAND FROM AY 2012-13 7 THE FUNDING GAP 9 RESPONSE FROM DEVOLVED ADMINISTRATIONS 10 SCOTLAND 10 Increasing income from RUK students 10 Responses to the Consultation 11 Fees for RUK Students 11 Increased Scottish Government Funding 13 Increasing Income from Other EU students 14 REPUBLIC OF IRELAND 15 WALES 16 NORTHERN IRELAND 16 SUMMARY OF TUITION FEES ACROSS UK FROM 2012-13 17 APPENDIX 1: HIGHER EDUCATION INCOME 18 APPENDIX 2: THE FUNDING GAP 20 THE SIZE OF THE FUNDING GAP 20 FILLING THE FUNDING GAP 22 APPENDIX 3: PROVISIONAL FEES TO BE CHARGED TO RUK STUDENTS BY SCOTTISH HEIS 23 SOURCES 25 3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In Scotland, tuition fees for higher education are fixed by the Scottish Government and approved by the Scottish Parliament. In academic year (AY) 2011-12 full-time first degree students studying at a Scottish Higher Education Institution (HEI) are currently charged fixed tuition fees of £1,820 per year or £2,895 per year for those studying medicine, with eligible Scottish and EU students having their fees paid on their behalf by the Scottish Students Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). In the other devolved administrations and in England, tuition fees are variable by institution, but are ca

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