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Microbe-induced lymphocyte blastogenesis enhancement after preculture.

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The in vitro blastogenic response of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells to Fusobacterium nucleatum and other oral microorganisms was enhanced if the peripheral blood mononuclear cells were cultured for 24 h at 37 degrees C prior to the addition of stimulant. The enhancement which occurred at optimal and supraoptimal concentrations of F. nucleatum (10 to 100 micrograms/ml) was detected after a preculture period of as little as 2 h. The blastogenic response was a result of T-cell proliferation, and enhancement occurred independently of monocytes. Suppressor activity was induced by culturing fresh lymphocytes for 24 h in the presence of supraoptimal concentrations of F. nucleatum. The enhancement phenomenon occurred independently of the prostaglandin effects on lymphocyte blastogenesis and was not abrogated by treatment with indomethacin.

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