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Common guillemot<i> Uria aalge</i> stranding at the Belgian coast: an ecotoxicological evaluation

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University of Liège Faculty of Sciences Oceanology Common guillemot Uria aalge stranding at the Belgian coast : an ecotoxicological evalutation. Virginie Debacker 2000 VLIZ (vzw) VLAAMS INSTITUUT VOOR DE ZE' FLANDERS MARINE INSTITUTE Oostende - Belgium University of Liège Faculty of Sciences Oceanology Common guillemot Uria aalge stranding t the Belgian coast : an ecotoxicological evalutation. tt 1,1 Virginie Debacker 2000 Acknovaleágements Acknowledgements At the term of this long study, I wish to address to my supervisor, Professor Jean-Ma rie Bouquegneau, my sincere thanks as he supported and welcome me inside his Laboratory of Oceanology. He followed every step of this work and made himself available at numerous occasions to discuss, comment and exchange ideas. Dr. Claire Daemers - Lambert certainly is an important pillar of this work. I thank her sincerely for all the discussions, positive and pe rtinent remarks as well as thorough suppo rt received. Professors Freddy Coignoul (Veterinary College, ULg) and Claude Joins (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VUB) are to be thanked for their relevant comments and interventions. Special thanks are addressed to my colleague, the Veterinary Doctor Thier ry Jauniaux who performed all the necropsies and sampling with an endless enthusiasm whatever the conditions. His remarks and comments often gave a different and useful approach of the problem. My colleague, Dr. Ludo Holsbeek (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VUB), offered me a precious support throughout this study, with numerous helpful and straight-to-the-point discussions and comments. As part of a multidisciplinary study concrete help, information and advises have been received from a lot of my colleagues, in addition to their everyday's work which contribute to maintain this unique MARIN association : to my `IN' colleagues who are in charge with the Belgian Beached Bird Surveys, beached carcasses deposits a

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