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Potential Prognostic Benefit of Lateral Pelvic Node Dissection for Rectal Cancer Located Below the Peritoneal Reflection

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Among 244 patients who underwent potentially curative surgery with lateral pelvic node dissection for advanced lower rectal cancer, lateral nodal involvement (LNI) was observed in 41 patients (17%), and 88% of them had nodal involvement in the region along the internal iliac/pudendal artery or in the obturator region (“vulnerable field”). The cancer-related 5-year survival rate of patients having LNI was 42%; the therapeutic value of lateral dissection was much higher than that of lymphadenectomy of the superior rectal artery (SRA) region. In terms of the prognostic benefit of lateral dissection, patients could be stratified most efficiently based on the nodal diameter in the “vulnerable” lateral regions.

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