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Tendencias que presentan las bibliotecas de ciencias de la salud

EPI SCP, Barcelona, Spain
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  • Dh. Special Libraries.
  • Medicine


In recent years libraries in general —and those specialized in health sciences in particular— are experiencing an unprecedented evolution. In the case of the latter, developments in biomedical research and the ever-expanding body of biomedical knowledge, electronic resources and, most significantly, the expansion of the internet have transformed information access systems. Health sciences librarians have had to reconsider how to organize their resources in order to adapt them to the current situation. As a result, aspects such as the enlargement and improvement of user services, knowledge management and efficient literature searching, the use of internet for improving information access and interlibrary cooperation, the mix of traditional with new systems, and the librarian's role as both information agent and trainer, constitute key elements in the trends of health sciences libraries today.

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