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Izlaganje na javni uvid podataka katastarske izmjere

Croatian geodetic society
Publication Date
  • Katastarska Izmjera
  • Izlaganje Na Javni Uvid
  • Katastarska Općina
  • Katastar
  • Zemljišna Knjiga.
  • Cadastral Survey
  • Public Inspection
  • Cadastral Municipality
  • Cadastre
  • Land Registry.
  • Communication


The paper describes the procedure of allowing the public inspection of cadastral survey data. There are the preparation activities listed that need to be published before the public inspection. There is also the procedure described referring to the communication of cadastral data and the procedures of acting on objections and complaints with regard to cadastral data. After that, the final works and controls are preformed, and cadastral documents prepared. The documents of the real estate cadastre are put into use on the day of opening the land registry records pursuant to the decision of the director of the State Geodetic Administration. After the completion of public inspection, the cadastral and land registry records are coordinated.

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