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Strategies for exploiting independent cloud implementations of biometric experts in multibiometric scenarios

  • Computer Science
  • Design


Cloud computing represents one of the fastest growing areas of technology and offers a new computing model for various applications and services. This model is particularly interesting for the area of biometric recognition, where scalability, processing power and storage requirements are becoming a bigger and bigger issue with each new generation of recognition technology. Next to the availability of computing resources, another important aspect of cloud computing with respect to biometrics is accessability. Since biometric cloud-services are easily accessible, it is possible to combine different existing implementations and design new multi-biometric services that next to almost unlimited resources also offer superior recognition performance and, consequently, ensure improved security to its client applications. Unfortunately, the literature on the best strategies of how to combine existing implementations of cloud-based biometric experts into a multi-biometric service is virtually non-existent. In this paper we try to close this gap and evaluate different strategies for combining existing biometric experts into a multi-biometric cloud-service. We analyze the (fusion) strategies from different perspectives such as performance gains, training complexity or resource consumption and present results and findings important to software developers and other researchers working in the areas of biometrics and cloud computing. The analysis is conducted based on two biometric cloud-services, which are also presented in the paper.

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