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Proposal for a Council Decision adopting joint research programmes and programmes for coordinating agricultural research. COM (82) 853 final, 20 December 1982

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Lv COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES \r-- COM(82) 853 f ina L BrusseLs, 2A December 1982F81419tr3 I d adopt fng r .'.i.::,,: i P,roposa t for a COUNCIL DECISION joint research programmes coordinating agricuLtura L and programmes for research i X&f i&1 fit w :l :* +.'{F '* ..iss (submitted to the by the Commission) i ' u-rlvlun:lrv or rrmr$s*Rchl LIERARIfrS FEB T 6 1983 User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle d EXPLANATORY MEI'IORANDUil 1. ArticLe 5 of Regulation (EEc) No 17?8174 on the co-ordination of agricuLturaL research provides that specific measures may take the form of "joint" projects or of "co-ordinated" activities and that these measures shouLd reLate to given research topics or areas. ?. The CouncjL Decision of 22 JuLy 1975 had provided for the impLementatjon of foun specific measures over a foun year period(975-1978) in the fieLds of : animat Leucoses, effLuents from intensive Livestockrearing, beef pnoduction, and production of vegetabte proteins. These specific measures had terminated on 31 December 1gT8, 3. Thg Counci L Deci si on of 30 October 1978 had prov'ided for impl.ementation over a five year period (979-1983) of ten specific measures concerning respectiveLy : Land use and rurat devetopment Medi terranean agri cuIture AgricuLturaL waste and efftuents of intensive Livestock rearing AnimaL pathotogy Beef improvement Integrated and bioLogicat pest controI PLant resistance to disease and environmentaI pressure Primary processing of agricuLturaL products ELm di sease Production of vegetabLe proteins. These specifjc measures wiLL terminate on 31 December 1983. 4. The Commjssion is submjtt'ing to the Counci L the attached proposaL of further specifjc measures to be carried over the five-year period beginning on 1 Januany 1984 and ending on 31 December 1988. In preparing the attached proposat (1), the commissjon based itseLf on : the need for continuing certain activities, initiated under the cu

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