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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to N. Avrion Mitchison

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January 7, 1960 Or. Avrion Hitchison Department of Zoology University of Edinburgh West Mains Road Edinburgh 9, Scot1 and Dear Av: We were happy to f Ind your aerogramme of the 26th on our return from Mexico. It looks as if we really should get together, at least over the phone, when I pass through London a week, Sunday. But I was wrong on one point: I wi I1 only be in London over Sunday night and could then try to reach you from Bruce Stocker’s home. His phone number there, should this be of any use to you, is MAC 3708. I have your numbel; at 21 Castle Street, as CAL 4136 -- if this is wrong please let me know by mail in care of Stocker at Lister. Actually, I think that this year might just work out very well. We have some new labs which should be ready well before the end of June so we would have a good place to put you up. Hel Cohn has asked me to reaffirm his offer of your travel expenses in connection with the next meeting of the antibody group. J~J addition to that we can offer you 15,000 as a stleend to cover an appointment as Uisitlng Associate Professor of Genetics. 1 mention this for preparation and we could discuss the details later this month, and hopefully in a personal meeting in Apt-II. Hopi ng to be I n touch WI th you, Yours as ever, Joshua Lederberg

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