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Reaching critical resource thresholds in WA's forests and woodlands: How should we respond?



Slide 1 Reaching critical resource thresholds in WA’s forests and woodlands: How should we respond? Presented By The Centre of Excellence for Climate Change Woodland & Forest Health Dr. George Matusick – [email protected] 9360 2605 Professor Giles Hardy – [email protected] 9360 6272 Who we are……. A unique consortium of scientists, industries, and government agencies dedicated to understanding and developing solutions to declining forest health in an era of climate change Program 3 Restoring biodiversity values Program 2 Decline Ecology Program 1 Remote sensing and climatology Program 4 Social-political dimension Forest Health Our model……. Our Aims……. Use sound science to develop an understanding of ecosystem and societal processes and provide solutions for an ailing forest Program 1: Determine how climate and climate change impacts on trees, woodland and forest processes Program 2: Establish the roles of environmental and pest stress in contributing to declining tree, woodland and forest health Program 3: Evaluate the impacts of declining forest health on flora and fauna and develop methods for biodiversity restoration Program 4: Ascertain the impacts of declining forest health on society and develop strategies for incorporating forest health solutions into policy Many forest and woodland declines* are occurring in the south-west *Tree mortality over many years leading to deteriorated condition Eucalyptus gomphocephala (tuart) Eucalyptus rudis (flooded gum) Corymbia calophylla (marri) Sudden massive canopy failure in the Northern Jarrah Forest (since Feb 2011) We believe the collapse of key canopy and midstory species to be very different from other tree declines in terms of: • Scale • Severity • Potential impacts and effects Midstory Tree Mortality Banksia and Allocasuarina foliage began yellowing in February and has since died. More trees are continuing to die. Jarrah stand near Jarrah

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