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Caracterización de las iniciativas de BIREME en las Américas: BVS y SciELO

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The result of the initiatives of NLM, is based on the creation of a heritage of mankind and for mankind, that through the interaction with information and knowledge, nations can represent their own lessons learned and good practices on issues relating to public health. Its mission is to share this information with the world and also receive rewards, recognition especially in the case of institutions where the level of expertise in a subject, makes reference sources and major producers scientists. It is important to analyze and disseminate strategic tools that has used this strong institution with the support of more than 40 years behind them and publicly display the progress that has been achieved not so much through these initiatives, but all which has resulted through his leadership and the institutions in Latin America have adopted endorsed these innovative forms of access to information. In this research, and document and describe how it interacts BIREME over 500 institutions across 23 countries, the process will be highlighted how some countries have successfully legislate for both the Virtual Health Library and SciELO can be considered as equity and provide more political support, budget item and a high level of human commitment to ensure its sustainability.

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