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Diffusivity of Gases in Liquids

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  • Physical Sciences: Chemistry


Diffusion coefficients of H2, Ne, N2, Ar, CH4, Cl2, CF4, C2H6, SF6, I2, and isotopic CCl4, all in CCl4, determined at atmospheric pressure, are linear functions of temperature, converging to zero at the temperature where CCl4 ceases to be fluid. The slopes of these lines increase with decreasing molecular cross-section of the diffusants, and with increasing entropy of expansion of the diffusants in CCl4. Diffusivities in (C4F9)2N, whose molecules are very large and three-armed, do not converge as temperature is decreased. Molecules of H2, Ne, and, to a lesser extent, Ar, are able to diffuse in (C4F9)2N even at temperatures where fluidity is low.

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Diffusivity of gases in liquids.

on Proceedings of the National Ac... September 1974
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