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Commission communication to the Council concerning financial aid for UNRWA. COM (81) 193 final, 15 April 1981

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES coM(81) 193 final Brussels, 15th April L981 COMMISSION COMMUNICATION TO THE COUNCIL CONCERNING FINANCIAL AID FOR UNRWA COM(8L) 193 final collsvs Text Box *L' e C,6v,r 2 1, Backqround* At the end of November 1980, tiie Cr:nnmi ssioner-GenenaL r1) of UNRWA..', Mr, Rydbeck,, sent Letters i:o the President of the Counci L and to Mr, financiaL situation Cheysson informing thern of UNRt,JA's criticaL bution to cover part grammer and requesting the Community to make a contri- of the costs of the Agencyrs ecjucation pro- In repLy' Mr,. Cheysson expLained that it was diff.icuLt to consider making a change in the type of cooperation between the EEC and UNRWA (food aid). ahd said that, in his opinion, it was rather for the host countries to increase their responsibitities vis-i-vis the refugees, and in particuLar for the GuLf countries to step up their assistance for. the Agencyfs programmesr 0n 17 March the President of the Council and Mr, Cheysson received the Commissioner-General of UNRWA, who confirmed that the Agency gave priority to education programmes and requested that,'if the EEC was not going to make a speciaL financiaL contribution towards such programmes, UNRWA might be authorized to seLL cereaLs suppLied as Community food aid on a market pref.erabLy in the Middle East - The matter was raised by the President on the sideLines of the Councit meeting that very day, and the Ministers agreed to resirve their repLy untiL the Commission presented a communication setting out possibLe ways in which the Community could support UNRWATs efforts in the fieLd of education, * ,* (1) UNRWA = United Nations ReLief and Works Agency, i . la 2, UNRWA's financial situgt.[-qn A defic'it of US $ 29 mittion on a budget of US 6 231 miILion for 1981 has stiLL. to be made up, tlhiLe, foLLowing various approaches made since the autumn (incLuding approaches to the Community), the following exceptional contribution have been made :

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