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Cryptosporidiosis – the disregarded zoonosis

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Publications journalExtension.volume journalExtension.pages journalAssociation.title mainResearchArea.mainResearchArea organisations[0] organisations[0].organisation.organisation organisations[1] organisations[1].organisation.organisation organisations[2] organisations[2].organisation.organisation externalPublication persons[0] persons[0].person.employeeId persons[0].personRole persons[0].firstName persons[0].lastName persons[0].organisations title owner.owner typeClassification.typeClassification publicationStatus.publicationStatus publicationDate.year uuid id created modified modifiedBy creator remoteOrigin keywordGroups[0].logicalName keywordGroups[0.0].freeKeywords[da_DK] sourceLicensesDismissed Source: orbit visibility language.language acceptedDuplicate submissionYear publicationCategory.publicationCategory peerReview workflowInformations[0] markedForRevalidation isiIndexed 9(1) 8-10 3383498 Zoonose-Nyt Technical/natural sciences 3524 Adaptive Immunology & Parasitology - Former organisational unit. 01/11/12. Taken over by Section for Immunology and Vaccinology 3439 Division of Veterinary Diagnostics and Research - Former organisational unit. 01/11/12. 2956 National Veterinary Institute 35076 51883 Author Heidi L. Enemark Adaptive Immunology & Parasitology, Division of Veterinary Diagnostics and Research, National Veterinary Institute Cryptosporidiosis – the disregarded zoonosis 2956 National Veterinary Institute Journal article Published 2002 c1baedcb-1c91-4165-ab47-5e0ef7b94bbd 3383497 2/26/12 2/26/12 soeren soeren keywordContainers 241064 FREE Danish 2002 Research validated

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