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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to F. M. Burnet

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Deportment of Geneti’cs Uj7iversfy of Wisconsin Madison 6, Wisconsin we did mmm~v8~. It would t&s ua a month to w&mrdam ourselves of cmr I have been spending this week tidying up some old experiments on the inheritance of the contagious factor IPl 3nunediatel.y after its receipt by an P bacterium. This put me back behind my Zeiss- the micromope for which the specifications were sent you-- a& I have to say I had if anything underestimated its relative virtues: there's a nearly N-fold factor of speed, convenience and reliability (viz. in diagnosing drops as having one cell, or debris ~~cells) as compatied to the setup we improvised before. If I pat undue stress on this, it is became I know that you put more weight on individual creativity and diligence than on fancy apparatus, but in order to effeot the kind of ideas pu were generating, it will be necessary to take advantage of all technical help that might be available- particularly in a field as competitively autive as this one, i.e., the cellular basis of antibody production. I am looking forward to hearing from Cue on the outcome of his current experiments. Enclosed are some oddments that may interest you; no further comment may be needed. My colleagues were as disappointed as I was that we could not have you on our symposium program after all. I hope youwill eventually find it possible to atterxl, if only as an onlooker or discussant- if that does hap- pen please let me know as soon as possible.(Can you let a38 know your travel schedule, to facilitate further correspondence, or in case we tight have a chance to meet on your route?) At any rate, we are hopeful of enlisting Koprowski to speak, from a rather different standpoint, on some aspects of the Impact of virus genetic research in pl~dicine. He was &ready booked as an active mdf disoussant. Should that not work out, have you any other suggestions? With fondest regards to Pat and Lois, to Lady Burnet and to all your staff, Yours s

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