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Modeling variability with use cases

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  • Product Line Engineering
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Domain Modeling
  • Use Case
  • Variability
  • Engineering


Use cases are used for single system requirements engineering to capture requirements from an external point of view. When utilizing use cases for product line modeling they cannot be used as is but they have to be extended with a variability mechanism. Stereotypes can be used as this variability mechanism for use case diagrams and tags can be used for textual use cases. In this report we describe how to tailor use cases for product line modeling, describe in which situations the approach can be applied and illustrate the use case approach by an example. The work described herein is based on two publications by Isabel John and Dirk Muthig "Product Line Modeling with Generic Use Cases" [12] published at SPLC2 and "Tailoring Use Cases for Product Line Modeling" [13] published at RE'02.

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