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Study by FT-IR spectroscopy of ageing of adhesives used in restoration of archaeological glass objects

Journal of Molecular Structure
Publication Date
DOI: 10.1016/s0022-2860(98)00671-1
  • Ft-Ir Spectroscopy
  • Thermal Ageing
  • Uv Light Ageing
  • Archaeology


Abstract A study by FT-IR spectroscopy which aims to compare the stability of five polymers, Araldit XW396/XW 397, Vitralit 7256, Loctite 350, Desmodur N 75/Viacryl SM 564/65 and Krafft silicone commonly used in the restoration of archaeological glass objects when subjected to thermal ageing, UV light ageing and cyclic ageing in SO 2 pollutant chamber has been carried out. Two series of test specimens were prepared in order to reproduce the two methods of application of polymers commonly used in restoration treatments as adhesive and consolidant or coating of glass fragments. Modifications in the chain or side chain structure of polymers, alterations of carbonyl groups in Araldit and isocyanate groups in Desmodur/Viacryl and Loctite are the most significant alterations observed after accelerated ageing treatments.

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